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At this trendy time, everyone wants to be stylish, attractive and want to represent herself or himself different in the crowd. From head to leg and hat to shoes, everything from the apparel accessories is now included in fashion. And, adding few extra accessories to these apparels make them more gorgeous, elegant and dignifying. Rhinestone sandals are such apparels which are made awesome by adding rhinestones.

 What are rhinestones and how are rhinestones in the shoes?

Rhinestones are diamond simulants which are found from glass, acrylic and other jewelry stone crystals. The term rhinestone was coined from the name of the river, Rhine. This is because initially the rhinestones were collected form the rocks of that river. These are used to produce beautiful jewelries and apparel accessories. Because of their glazing beauty and stunning natural design these have essence value among the beauty lover and fashion concern people. In the earlier time these were used in the apparels like jewelries worn in the upper portion of the body. But, as the dimension of beauty concept has been changed and tradition is revolving, the idea of wearing the rhinestones is also altered. Now, these are largely found in many types of shoes worn by all kinds of people, from men to women, younger to elder and kid to adult. But, these shoes are mostly found in the women’s shoes same as other jewelries are found to be worn by ladies! However, the second consume of these shoes are kids and a very few men footwear use these shoes!

What are the shoe types?

The Rhinestone pumps, popular footwear among women are now extensively designed with rhinestones. Comes in a variety of colors, designs, pattern and heights from heel to kneel, adding the rhinestone made these elegant to wear and makes the wearer noticeably beautiful in the crowd! These rhinestones are found to match all the designs and patterns but become more and more gorgeous when designed in the white colored shoes. In the black color, the shoes become awesome if rhinestones cover the whole shoe and seem less attractive if the shoe has fewer rhinestones. These shoes go best with the young and adolescent girls while designed in pink colored. Another popular shoe type is rhinestone shoes Nordstrom. This type is too much popular that these are also often used as rhinestone shoes wedding silver designed with silver color, addition with silver or using the silver color as background in the shoe! In rhinestone shoes silver genre, either the shoe is colored as silver, or the rhinestone is silver or both. However, if these both are silver colored, the appeal of the beauty reduces because of the extensive silver look.

Despite of enormous use of rhinestones in women and kid shoes, the rhinestone shoes for men are not commonly found. By the way, the shoes that are with rhinestones are for special purposes like dancing or party attending and the black color is given preferences. Rhinestone shoes diy shoes are mostly worn by kids.



1.      Pleaser Women’s Teeze-06R/IRI Platform Pump

Rhinestone shoesAnyone with a taste for rhinestones really needs to look for this Pleaser Women’s Teeze-06R/IRI Platform Pump. It only comes in Iridescent Rhinestones color and it can be bought anyway at a very fair price as compared to its quality. It is a high quality very original platform pump worn by many classy women during their luxurious wedding ceremonies. Placing your order online will be the best choice as it will be shipped and delivered right at your door step before you notice. Generally, the shoe’s upper is made from a synthetic material and it features a high stiletto heel that measures close to five and a quarter inch. It also has a manmade outer sole and a well balanced platform measuring close to one and a quarter inch. Each shoe is a true to size and both the front and the back are closed. The footwear is very attractive and it is perfectly smeared with iridescent rhinestones.

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2.      Bordello By Pleaser Women’s Violette-14 Rhinestone Pump

Rhinestone shoesAre you tired of looking for the best stain shoe that is well toned with rhinestones? Here you are then; we have what you have been looking for. Bordello by Pleaser Women’s Violette-14 Rhinestone Pump is a has a fabric upper that has rhinestones toning it to bring out a more elegant, sexy and ever attractive open toe pump. This perm is very perfect for prom, wedding, and evening events. All designs come with leather sole and in various colors like Pink Rhinestones, Pink Rhinestones, and Iridescent Rhinestones to offer you wide broad options. It also has a very high heel that the back of the heel is toned with matching rhinestones and it measures close to three and a half inches. Each shoe is a true to size, very original and of very high quality. You can buy it an offer and be able to save a lot. All the same, it is offered at a considerate price.

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3.      JOHN FASHION Rhinestone Evening Slide Sandal

Rhinestone shoesThis is another best design of Rhinestone Evening Slide Sandal by JOHN FASHION that is perfectly designed to accommodate all bridal needs. This is a very amazing shoe because it has three bubble heels and an open back that is well lined with Rhinestones. This is a sexier, stylish, and elegant design that features a sophisticated strappy upper that has been gleamed with rhinestone details. Apart from the previous rhinestone shoes, this design does not have iridescent rhinestones and it is commonly found in pure colors such as silver, purple black gray and gold colors. It also has a peep toe open front where the slightly concealed platform is also gleamed in matching rhinestones. In most cases the shoes do not fit true to size even though they are available at a very competitive price. The footbed is also finely padded to give your shoe a very soft and comfortable resting place. It is important to note that, for a perfect fitting sandal, go for the higher size because it seems to be a little bit smaller than its actual size. Buying a size that is half or a whole size larger than your normal size will be the best thing to do.

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4.      Bordello By Pleaser Women’s Violet-01R Pump

Rhinestone shoesThe final product is this article is also one of its kinds. Just like the other designs, its upper is made from satin material but it is well covered by rhinestones thus concealing its true outer material. All the same, it is available in nice leather sole. It has some elegant features such as tall t-strap that is also rhinestone encrusted that runs from the vamp and joins to an adjustable non- encrusted ankle strap. The ankle strap has a metallic clasp for a more secure fit. It also has a rubber bottom and I high encrusted stiletto heel measuring approx three and a half inches.  The foot bed is lightly cushioned to give the wearer’s feet a more comfortable feel. This shoe is can be bought at a very affordable price ant it a true to fit size. This open toe design has a nice platform and it is available in iridescent rhinestones, turquoise rhinestones, gold rhinestones, black/pink rhinestones, red and baby pink rhinestone colors.

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