Mexican themed wedding

It is filled with color pallets depending on the color palette chosen by the bride who in most cases is the brain child of the color used in their wedding. This type of wedding is often preferred by people who lives in Mexico and loves Mexican culture. They always want their guests to feel at home and be in the ‘real Mexico’. Combined with the floral Mexican art traditionally made can help you have a smart and cute wedding that is modern yet celebrates the heritage of Mexico. Select objects to use in your Mexican fiesta party decorations at the reception. Terra cotta pots and rags can be of great help. You can combine the colors that you used to make the theme to enhance continuity.

What are some of the Mexican themed bridal favors?

Glass jars filled with luscious homemade Chile. This will make the reception look so nice. Mexican wedding cookies can also be placed in a small box. They can be bought almost or before the wedding day. A decoration of tequila bottle with a ribbon and a tag on it with the bride and the groom’s names typed on it. Capias can also because they are also traditionally Mexican and are often given at Mexican weddings. They are small pin on favors that have printed ribbon with normally the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date. They are very simple to make and you can use your theme and colors to match them.

Mexican themed ideas and inspirations

Mexican themed weddingIt is always a good idea to include Mexican songs at the Mexican themed wedding reception to usher in guests that are arriving. Though English songs can also be sung but it is logical to go with the theme of the wedding.

Choose a striking color for your wedding. You can either plan to have an indoor reception or an outdoor reception. If it is an outdoor reception then you can decorate the fences and the walls. If the reception is at night light up the candles and let the light give a romantic glow. You should also choose a Mexican food to focus and stay tune to the theme. Alternatively, you can have a Mexican restaurant caters and serve your guests and family.

Furthermore, you should set tone of the invitation and make your guests to have it in mind that it will be a Mexican themed wedding. You can talk to the designer to use well structured invite. Activities like games should be included in the theme to involve in the participation of the kids in the wedding.  Cookies are most likely used in the Mexican themed wedding cake and not necessarily a cake. The world has become so modern today and you can make the cake into a very trendy baked cake with some traditional Mexican decorations on it.

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