Country wedding dresses

Women are always looking for a specific style of wedding dress for their big day. They are trying to find something that fits them and also something that makes them feel beautiful and stylish. The country wedding dresses are actually the choice for women who are not looking to have such a glamorous wedding, women who like the simpler way of life and those who would like to have a wedding like the old times. The wedding itself can actually be very chic.

What is actually a country dress for wedding?

During the old times women lived a simpler life that is if they weren’t princesses or if they didn’t come from a wealthy family. They used to dress very poorly and their clothes were made out of the most common fabric and that was cotton. The way that they dressed had no specific style and the clothes tend to be not so colorful. They wear usually grey and black clothes because they didn’t get dirty very fast and they can fade into the background very easily.

Country wedding dressesThe country wedding dresses are the same. They are simple and not very elegant. Women back then used to wear a very common white dress that had no shape to it and also a pair of boots to the wedding. That was because there was a lot of mud in the country side. This is where the designers have caught an inspiration and they tried their hand at creating some special country wedding dresses. These are great for the women that have simpler taste and that will actually like to organize a country wedding.

Vivien Westwood can be taken into consideration because she usually creates these types of country wedding dresses. She uses the simplest fabric and this type of fabric usually comes in a dark color. Also, she likes to design wedding dresses that have an interesting style and that do not cling to the body and they leave the women the liberty of movement. It is true that a dress that is created by this designer tends to cost a lot of money, but there are some alternatives as well to this.

The country western wedding dresses are great for the women who want a certain type of a wedding, and that is the country wedding. These women want what someday used to be very fashionable. They want the wedding to take place in a village somewhere or at a farm, they want a lot of animals around and they want a carriage that can bring the couple to the wedding. Also it is important that the music and the food should be country as well.

What are the best country wedding thoughts?

There are several ideas that can be used for this type of wedding. First of all, the bride and groom should be dressed as people that live at the countryside. They should be wearing simple clothes. The bride can actually wear a dress that doesn’t look like an actual wedding dress and it can be in another color other than white and the groom should wear a simple grey suit. The bride can actually hold on a bouquet of garden flowers.

Another idea is to have the bride and the grove arrive in a carriage that is being pulled by a pair of horses. This carriage should be like the one that the people who lived at the countryside used. The wedding itself can be held at a small church in a village and the wedding party at a farm or even in the field. There should be a lot of hay everywhere, and the wedding party should have their place at the wooden table which has wooden benches. Then they can eat and drink food and wine that has been actually prepared at the countryside by the villagers. And the last but not least, the music should be sang by a band of country music.

These are some basic country wedding ideas, but people who really desire for such a wedding can actually play with these ideas. They can create something more complex as well. It might seem like a simple wedding, but this type of a wedding can come to cost a lot of money as well. And when it comes to the wedding dress that the bride will be wearing, well that can cost a lot of money. Maybe it seems that everything will be simple, the dress as well, but do not let that fool you!

Women should draw their inspiration when they are buying wedding dresses from the country wedding dresses of 2011. These had an enormous success during the fashion shows. They are created for every type of woman out there and they can fit almost everyone. That is because they have not a special design to them. They can actually be in different colors which usually are neutral colors as well. Seeing how much popularity these dresses have gained in the last year, the country wedding dresses of 2012 are actually inspired by the same things. The designers haven’t changed much of their designs for the country wedding dresses.

Keep in mind what a beautiful wedding this is going to be! A wedding in the fresh air, outside, where people are free to take a walk, to breath in the air of the countryside and even get to feed different animals from the farm. It is crazy how many ideas a wedding like this can bring to the table. So, why not get inspired by this type of a wedding? It is a simple idea that can bring a certain authenticity to the wedding. Everything will be simple and fantastic!

Why not draw inspiration from the village people, the ones that knew how to have fun without having to spend a lot of money on the events that they created. They knew how treat their guests the right way and they had fun no matter what!

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