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When you are told by a member of your family or a friend to deliver a speech at their wedding the first thing that you are supposed to do is arrange your thoughts before you put them down as words, this may seem like an easy task but if you have known someone for a long time you are bound to have shared a lot of memories and putting them in a good sequence and knowing which memories you can be able to share and which you can’t can be a very wanting task.

What one should consider when thinking of How to Write a Wedding Speech?

Before you put pen to paper and before considering how you will write the speech, you should first think of the kind of relationship that you share with either the groom or the bride as this will be very vital in the writing of your speech. If you are a best friend to any of the two there is a certain format to writing a best friend wedding speech. There are many other formats that you can go with this depends on the kind of relationship you have and most of the times it is mandatory that the best man or the best maid to give out a speech and here you can look for maid of honor speeches that will not only reflect how the bride and the groom are together but how the whole wedding is.

Format for writing a good wedding speech.

Best friend wedding speechIf you are a best friend or you are wounding how I will write a good wedding speech for my best friend the format will be easy but not that easy as you will have the responsibility to think of all the good times that both of you had and find a way to write those good memories on paper but in a way that you and your best friend will not be the only people who will laugh and remember them but in a way that it will resonate with everyone in the crowd. You can spice it up by looking up best friend wedding poems and best friend wedding quotes which will give you a good hand in how to make the crowd related.

After writing the speech try to make yourself familiar with the speech so that you can be able to read or say the speech without panting your face into the piece of paper that you have written the speech this will not only make you more eloquent when you are saying the speech but you will also be able to see the mistakes that your speech has.

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