Beading a wedding dress

Beaded lace bridal dresses are popular among brides who like a church wedding. Most of beaded dresses have complex designs that require a lot of attention to create this type of masterpiece.

How to create a beaded wedding dress?

Beads add beauty, style, and elegance to the gown itself. They are sewn to the gown to catch attention and must be emphasized to give the gown a shining effect.

In choosing the beads, make sure that it matches the cloth or fabric to be used in making the gown. White pearls are elegant, small glass and clear beads add shine, and coloured beads can enhance the cloth. You can try searching in the internet and looking through the fashion magazines for designer wedding dresses which you can use as a guide in sewing beads on the dress.

Choose the part where you should put the beads. The princess seams can be a good place for attaching beads since it draws attention. The neckline is also another good place and along the sleeves’ width and length. The beaded bridesmaid dresses have different designs from the wedding dresses.

Sew the beads of choice to the dress. Don’t pull the thread to tight to prevent damaging the dress fabric and form. Create a certain line for the beads. They can come in lines and different figures. Make sure they are attached in a straight pattern to make them look impressive enough. Asymmetric placement of beads creates a wrong impression on it.


Enhancement of the feature of the dress is important. You may want to choose which part of the dress catches much attention like the neckline. Sew all the beads in lace if necessary to add sparkle on the dress. Light beads are ideal for thin fabrics. Make sure all beads are aligned so they are neat and can add beauty to your dress. You can add up other types of beads for your dress for additional effects. You can also add a beaded wedding sash for additional decoration on your wedding gown.

Where to find beaded wedding dresses?

Beaded dresses are easy to find in the magazines and internet. You may see fashion dresses created by known fashion designers like Vera Wang bridal dresses which are noted for modern and classic inspired gowns.

Beading a wedding dressKleinfeld is a brand of couture dresses that widely distributes specific types of gowns like, prom dresses, wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, organza, evening gowns, and ball gowns. Say yes to the dress is a subpart of this fashion distributor that focus much on making wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses.

David’s bridal has wedding gowns of your choice in different styles you want. They have a large coverage of wedding dresses and wedding guest dresses worldwide.

You can access this fashion shops online or directly from the shop. You can also customize your own wedding dress and have the seamstress make it for you.

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