Black and white wedding dresses

If you’re on the hunt for something hip and edgy for your upcoming nuptials, why not think about black and white wedding dresses? While tradition holds that first-time brides should wear solid white, these days, just about anything goes. Many brides enjoy gowns of blues and pinks and other colors, as well as any and every shade of white, including off-white and eggshell. Many may think that black has no place in a wedding, but when you see a beautiful, snow-white ensemble trimmed with dark accents, you are sure to change your mind.

Black and White Wedding Dresses – Do They Really Exist?

Black and white wedding dressesThey absolutely do, and they are hot! In their quest to create a piece that stands out from the rest, women spanning the globe are flocking towards unconventional styles and colors for their gowns. When you stop and think about it, black and white are two colors that have gone together since the beginning of time. Nearly everyone is familiar with the concept of yin-yang, which describes how even opposites are interconnected in some way. With this in mind, it is actually not that surprising that these two shades would be combined for something as sacred as the bonding between two people. And because it is your wedding, you have complete control over how much black and how much white goes into your selection. If you feel comfortable with just a dark belt or maybe a dark brooch, that’s perfectly fine, as is a black number with white highlights!

Just like gowns of any other color or style, there are hundreds of choices for those who wish to have a black and white wedding theme. And the best part of that is the fact that after designing her gown, the bride can continue the pattern of that gown throughout the rest of her wedding, from the color and design of her tablecloths and other décor, to the pattern on her cake! Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have a wedding cake that echoes the designs of a bride’s outfit?

How to Choose Black and White Wedding Dresses

As the concept of wearing black and white wedding dresses is somewhat unconventional, it’s understandable that you might have some difficulty deciding which one will be best for you. Thankfully, there are gowns of every type and in every price range for you to select from. Whether you are on a tight budget and looking for beautiful but cheap black and white wedding dresses or you are plus-sized and seeking something that compliments your figure, with a little bit of research, you should have no trouble locating that perfect outfit.

Black and white wedding dressesThe first thing you should do when searching for the ideal gown for your special day is take a look at black and white wedding dresses pictures. While this won’t necessarily tell you whether an ensemble will look right on your frame, you will at least have the opportunity to obtain an idea of what’s out there. Better yet, looking at photos will get your creativity juices flowing. You very well might find a gown that looks okay, but with a few tweaks, could become the gown of your dreams!

There are many places to look for pictures of gowns. The simplest and quickest way to find them is to perform a Google picture search. Using this method, you will be exposed to literally thousands of choices. When you find the outfits that you like, you can either print them out for later review or save them so you can look at them later. A good suggestion is to not stop looking once you think you’ve found the right piece. It’s a much better idea to continue looking around so that you can have back-up ideas in mind in the event your first selection cannot be obtained.

Once you’ve perused photos of black and white wedding dresses, you can start work on actually obtaining the gown. There are many online businesses that buy wholesale black and white wedding dresses and then sell them to consumers at great prices. When you compare the prices of outfits online and locally, you are sure to find that internet retailers will almost always be more affordable. You must remember, however, that this affordability comes with a price. For starters, you may not have the chance to lay eyes on the piece until it is completed and in your hands. If you’re the kind of person who wants to see and feel the dress as it’s being made, online buying might not be right for you. On the other hand, if your weight doesn’t fluctuate (meaning you will not need several fittings to ensure the outfit will fit) and you don’t mind waiting until everything is said and done to have your selection, then online purchasing is ideal for you.

When shopping for black and white wedding dresses plus size, it is almost always a better idea to buy locally. The reason for this is that when outfits of any kind start to get into the higher sizes, the original look starts to change. These gowns can still be gorgeous, but you will want to try them on beforehand to make sure they mesh with your body shape. If you want to experience the cost-savings of shopping online combined with the customization that comes with purchasing from a shop, you can always order a gown off the internet and take it to a local seamstress for finishing touches and final fittings.

Regardless of where you ultimately make your purchase — either online, in-store or a combination of the two — you are sure to find yourself giddy with joy when you finally have your new gown in hand. While there is no doubt that black and white wedding dresses break the mold as far as wedding attire goes, these gowns put an exciting, modern spin on a classic piece, and this is something that everyone is sure to appreciate and be in awe of when you walk down the aisle.